Monday, December 1, 2008

Missing: Carlisle Thundering Herd logo...

As I walked down the ice cream isle last night at the grocery store I saw a display of shirts and hats for the local high school sports team. I thought I would check it out since I did the logo for the school a long while back and I wanted to see what they finally did with my design. Unfortunately the logo I did was nowhere to be seen. Instead I saw another logo, clipart perhaps, that I had nothing to do with. At that moment I may have looked cool, calm and collected on the outside. But internally I was on the verge of breaking into a conniption fit unlike any that has ever been witnessed by anyone in the state of Pennsylvania!

Flash back six years while I was still working for "The Man". I somehow managed to get volunteered to create a new sports logo for the local high school by my boss at the time. What started out as a simple redesign of one logo eventually turned into a huge project with multiple versions of the logo for different uses, separate icons and logo combinations for each team sport, desktop backgrounds and all sorts of other extra things... A massive amount of work went into designing the new logo and everything else that went along with it and after about two months the finished product was pretty good. Since completing the project I have not seen the logo anywhere. Not on team uniforms, at events, on the school website, nothing! I did hear rumors that a friend of a friends cousins girlfriends moms friends neighbor thought she may have seen someone with a sweater that had the logo on it. I have yet to be able to confirm that though. The designs apparently got sucked up through a rift in the Spacetime Continuum and are currently floating around in the 8th dimension somewhere never to be seen again.

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